Marble is a natural stone and due to this the colour of the stone will vary from tile to tile. However this makes the stone look unique. Installations of marble should be very level with no lippage at all.

Marble should be sealed it is a porous product which may allow spills to penatrate the stone.


Travertine is similar to marble however there are a few differences. Travertine is softer than marble and is alot more porous than marble. The differences are hard to see.

Travertine should be sealed as it is very porous which may allow spills to penatrate the stone.


Granite will last a long time as it is a very hard natural stone. The colour should remain the same throughout the tiles. A granite job should be made to look like glass. It should be very level with no lippage.

If the granite is unpolished than it should be sealed however most granite is polished stone.


Ceramics tiles are more common for installations as they are cost effective. However they are a little easier to break and chip than other tile products. Ceramics are still a good product and a quality installation will make them last many years.


Procelain tile can be more costly than ceramics. There are two types of porcelain. True porcelain and porcelain bodied.

A true porcelain tile, is when the colour goes right through the tile.

 A porcelain body tile will be more of a tan colour on the back and the top of the tile is glazed. It is still a very strong tile however it's not 100% true porcelain.


Slate is a softer shale like stone. The size and thickness can vary quite drastically. The 2 main differences when buying slate is gauged and ungauged slate. 

Ungauged slate can vary from 1/4 inch thickness to 3/4 inch thickenss. This reason can make the installations very difficult as the owner should expect lippage as we cannot make ungauged slate level. So expect your floor to be up and down.

Gauged slate is a better product and more expensive. However gauged slate can still vary in thickness about 1/4 inch therefore it is easier to install of the two and your floor or walls should be better for levelness. You should still expect lippage however you shouldn't be able to notice it as much.

All slate jobs have to be sealed as this helps the look and lifetime of slate. Slate should not be installed in showers or outside as water can penatrate slate. If it is to be installed in showers you must install a waterproofing membrane first and must be sealed a few times.